UK Digital Agency

Bazzic is a full-service UK digital agency that puts the customer first. Whether you’re building a brand, a campaign, a website, or all three, we have the experience to help you meet your organisational goals. We’ll support you throughout your journey to build something that lasts.


Drupal is a perfect CMS for larger organisations with custom requirements. We have a decade of experience doing new builds, migrations and integrations for e-commerce, media, finance and government websites.


Wordpress is far more that just a blogging platform. It has evolved into a full-featured CMS that runs more websites than any other system on the web today. If you want to create a beautiful website quickly, WordPress may be the right solution for you.

Digital Marketing

Whatever your business goals and budgetary/resource requirements, we’ll help you construct a digital marketing strategy to achieve results. Whether that’s through content and campaign creation, search activity, outreach or a combination, we’ll find the strategy to align with your goals.

UX and UI Design

User experience (or UX) design is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience when using websites, software and all kinds of services. The user experience is the impression the user has about the product or service during and after they have interacted with it. We create exceptional user experiences by applying information architecture, interaction design, user interface design (UI) and visual design approaches and methods. Design itself is central to creating excellent user experiences.

Branding and Corporate Identity

Branding is how people view and perceive your company. It’s also how you as the owner, and your workforce view and perceive the company. It’s your what, your how, and your why. It’s about how an audience connects with your company on multiple levels, and through different brand touch points.


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