Generate new Business with astute Pay Per Click

Get the highest ROI from your paid advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a great way to amplify campaigns, grow your business and reach your target market. With a myriad of advertising networks available and an increasingly complex paid-for landscape, getting the most bang for your buck is a common challenge. At Bazzic we appreciate that every business is unique so that’s why we tailor our approach for you. Whether programmatic, display or simply AdWords, our team is on-hand.

Target your paid activity for what works the best

Paid search

Maximise your ROI from Google and Bing Ads.

Paid Social

Leverage the most popular networks for your business.


Refine your message or hit a mass market.


Target your audience across a range of mediums.

"63% of customers click on ads when purchasing"

– World Lead

Professional account management

Keywords, segmentation, bidding, automation – it can all get a bit complicated can’t it? (Not to mention time consuming.) Successful paid advertising campaigns need a lot of time, effort and expertise if they are to perform to their maximum potential. We aim to take away as much of the strain as possible from managing paid spend. With completely transparent reporting, you’ll see exactly how far your money is going.

Leverage social to your advantage

With new social networks gaining popularity by the day, social media is massive. For brands and businesses, it’s a great way to engage and interact with your customers, prospects and target markets. Paid social advertising amplifies all the good work of your social media with highly targeted results. Pay to reach the exact audience you are looking to attract in granular detail with segmented campaigns that deliver.


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