SEO Agency in Oxford, London and Reading

A data-driven approach to optimising
your site and building your brand

Search Engine Marketing (SEM/SEO) has had a rapid rise over recent years and so to have the methods used to improve search visibility. The rise of mobile and tablet usage has also opened up a wealth of opportunity for companies and brands to engage with their users who are now more connected than ever. Here at Bazzic we’re an SEO agency serving Oxford, London and Reading to help improve your search visibility – particularly in saturated markets where the competition is fierce. With an analytics-driven approach, we align our strategy to the needs of your business.

Covering all aspects of SEO

Keyword research

Discover opportunities. Compare competitors.

Account management

Allow our team to plan, deliver and report on your SEO.

SEO Audits

A complete review of your SEO status, top to bottom.

Site migrations

Avoid painful drops in traffic and migration disasters.

Technical SEO

Avoid technical issues that undermine campaigns.

Link building

Build lasting relationships with influencers in your industry.


Gain and improve visibility for local searches.

Penalty recovery

Recover from rank penalisation.

"93% of online experiences begin with a search engine"

– Search Engine Journal

Long term strategy for long term gain

Campaigns, social media and paid advertising are sexy, exciting and can often provide instantaneous results. The downside is that they can often drain budgets during preparation, execution and promotion. Ideally you need a blend of marketing activity to facilitate business and revenue growth. A good Search Engine Optimisation strategy with a UK SEO agency provides regular organic (free!) traffic to your business for the terms and keywords that you know convert. This provides sustainable, reliable delivery of your audience for peace of mind.

Avoid website disasters and traffic catastrophes

Unfortunately, we often see situations where businesses build beautifully designed, slick websites only to cut their traffic in half on deployment. All that work, all that effort and the impact is a negative one. As often as this frustrating problem rears its head, it is all the more frustrating when the solution is so simple. By implementing a simple migration plan you can avoid a traffic disaster and ensure you and your customers benefit from all that hard website work.

Serve and source multiple locations

Serving multiple locations is a great way to expand your business and build your client base. The number of Google queries containing a location is continually on the rise, particularly on mobile platforms. To that end, you want to ensure you are appearing on as many localised searches as you can to optimise your business. With local SEO, you can do just that, by targeting and segmenting your customer base by geography.


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