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Bazzic is a Digital Agency focused on Drupal development based in the UK. With a decade of experience designing, building and maintaining Drupal websites, we have the expertise that you need for your next website project.

Drupal is one of the most stable, secure, and widely used open-source content management systems on the web today. By some estimates, 2% of all websites on the web today are run on Drupal. In London, Oxford and Reading, it is a popular choice in the Education, Government and Media sectors, but it has been adopted by a multitude of companies that have a need for a scalable and customisable solution for their internet presence.


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Drupal Development

We have been doing UK Drupal development since version 5 and have seen it evolve to the platform that we have today with version 8. As adoption increases with version 8, companies have a perfect opportunity to leverage a new and improved architecture along with an ever-growing ecosystem of contributed modules.

Why Drupal?

Within the core system, there have been advancements in caching, configuration management, workflow, UI/UX, multi-lingual, and the API. If you are using Drupal and haven’t upgraded, or are using another CMS and would like to migrate, we can help you get started on your project.


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