UX and UI Design

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User experience (or UX) design is about creating the best possible experience for your business’s users. We create exceptional user experiences by applying information architecture, interaction design, user interface (UI) design and visual design approaches and methods. Design is central to creating excellent user experiences.

UX and UI design increases conversions
and user satisfaction

User interface design

User interface is the gateway through which users interact with your services.

Information architecture

People must be able to find the information they are looking for – fast.

Interaction design

Anything people do with your application or website is an “interaction.”

Visual design

Visual design is the “look” in the “look and feel” but it’s also much more.


Concept sketching System/Process flow Information, architecture Interaction design

mockup prototypes

Brand identity integration, High-fidelity mockups, Interactive prototypes.

front end dev

Finalize UX deliverables, suggestions / next steps Code front-end interaction.

competitor analysis

Carrying out a UX competitor analysis will empower your business choices.

User testing and research

The essence of usability testing and user research is to test-drive your solution and provide you with feedback before or after you hit the market. How does it work? We select users, interview them, prepare them, create tasks for them and moderate usability testing sessions. We record their facial expressions, their tone of voice and their mouse and eye movements to get the best possible understanding of their perception of the product or service. We analyse all that information and synthesise our findings in a form that can be used right away to enhance your offering.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a controlled experiment where you compare two or more versions of a page or flow in order to optimise a certain result or metric. You might, for instance, aim to increase the number of sign ups by changing the color of a button on a website. The original page (A) will only be seen by a percentage of your website visitors while the page with the variation (B) will be seen by the rest. The user interaction with each page is measured and, after a couple of weeks, the version with the best results wins (which is, in our scenario, the one with the higher number of sign ups). You can increase the certainty on your design decisions while minimizing the risks for your company.

Usability reviews and audits

Our experts will evaluate the overall experience of using your website, mobile application or service, drawing on their expertise and practical experience, as well as established heuristics for different systems. You will receive a report with our findings and suggestions for how to improve your application or service. We use our flexible UXP usability matrix to gather and present our findings so that you can start using our distilled knowledge right away. We are here to understand your needs, your users’ needs and to test your service or website against well-established guidelines.


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