WordPress and Drupal Website Performance

Don’t make your customers wait

First impressions are everything to potential customers. WordPress and Drupal website performance can be sluggish for a variety of reasons: heavy page weight, a misconfigured database or server, improper use of caching or just poorly written code.

Bazzic has years of experience tuning WordPress and Drupal website performance so that that first page load from a potential customer is instantaneous. We have worked with reverse proxy technologies such as Varnish, performance tuned Apache and Nginx web servers, and tuned MySQL and MariaDB databases for optimum performance. We can also help you in deploying a CDN (Content delivery network) for your files. This can often be the easiest way to see huge improvements in page load time.

If you are having problems with your site’s performance, the first step is identifying the bottleneck. We can help in that diagnosis and then provide options for your company to get that screaming fast website that you’ve always wanted. Please call or contact us and have a look at our other services to see if we’re right for your next web development project.


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